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 Dr. Dean Hegarty D.C.

When growing up with my realtor parents and fixing up their homes as a teen, I hurt my lower back from lifting and pulling up carpet. This caused severe debilitating pain, numbness, sciatica, and eventually slight loss of urine control, dribbling in my undies at the young age of 14. My mom took me to a medical doctor they took x-rays and said I had a 80 year old back. Looking back I think I had a birth defect where a disk didn't grow. We were told that I might need surgery for my back problem.


My mom was told by her friend to take me to her chiropractor. This chiro felt like he was wrenching me, my first two weeks of adjustments were painful, slowly I could feel the sciatica and numbness drop off and to everyone's surprise I stopped dribbling/regained bladder control!  I soon returned to being nearly pain free.  This experience and how I managed my future flare-ups motivated me to  become a chiropractor.

I first completed my undergraduate biology degree at Arizona State University. I then continued my chiropractic training and graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1988.

With a desire to learn science and wellness, it is no surprise that my focus has been on the biomechanical causes of back pain, and treating the underlying factors that cause and contribute to back and neck pain. 

What is causing the pain and not just the symptom of pain itself. Similar to car maintenance, you would not simply cover the red light on your dashboard, you would want to address the actual cause of the red light.

“The approach I take to getting my patient's well, is by addressing the underlying cause of the problem.”

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. If I'm not in the office, you’re likely to find me at a local gym or walking around Lake Hollingsworth. I enjoy resting when I can, exercising, mostly anything outdoors and consider myself a “foodie.” 


             Dr. Dean's Mission Statement:           My desire is to improve the health and well-being of my community so whoever I can put my hands on can enjoy a fruitful life free from physical limitations, sickness, debilitating pain. I do this by educating each patient and working on there spine to increase function, improving the quality of a patient’s life”

B.S.B. (Bachelor Of Biology)- Arizona State University.   

D.C. (Doctor Of Chiropractic) - Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. 

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