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Medical/Therapeutic Muscle Work

Therapeutic Muscle Work
Shoulder pain
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Neck pain


Therapeutic Muscle Work is a modern approach targeting specific spinal and muscular conditions through muscle and tissue manipulation of joints and major muscle groups. While traditional massages offer general relaxation, they lack specificity. Incorporating a blend of Muscle Work/Medical Muscle Work in nearly 90% of office visits, I've found that focusing on precise muscle work alongside chiropractic adjustments yields optimal outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of tailored muscle work, I prioritize addressing damaged tissues—muscles, tendons, and connective tissue—which play a crucial role in joint function. By alleviating muscle spasms or fixation, I address deep joint pain and nerve impingement more effectively.

Through targeted muscle work, stretching, and manipulation of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, I've helped numerous patients experience quicker pain relief and improved mobility. I've witnessed the effectiveness of specific medical muscle work, especially when chiropractic adjustments aren't required. Our approach involves customized treatment, focusing on relieving specific conditions using techniques similar to deep pressure point work. By addressing muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves, we aim to break up scar tissue, alleviate pain, and enhance spine or joint range of motion.



Therapeutic muscle work closely resembles medical massage but typically doesn't involve consultation with a chiropractor or physical therapist.

In therapeutic muscle work, soft tissue mobilization—including muscles, fascia, and body fluids—is utilized to restore normal systemic and biomechanical function. This technique employs a range of pressures, from light to firm touch, to release tension, relax muscles, and enhance blood and lymph circulation. By improving neurological functioning and inducing a sense of calm, therapeutic muscle work serves as a complementary addition to conventional medical treatments, aiding in pain and stress relief, supporting soft tissue healing, and rejuvenating the body.



Trigger Point Therapy is a specific treatment used to treat hyper-sensitive myofascial adhesions and muscular tension, in which most cases can radiate or "trigger" pain elsewhere. During a trigger point session, the chiropractor locates and assesses the irritated area and will have the technician use specific holds at various pressures to alleviate the pain and tension associated.




Geriatric Therapy is treatment that is provided to the elderly as supplemental and palliative care. During a Geriatric Therapy session, the therapist carefully analyzes the client's health history and current condition to determine any contraindications there may be and will have the technician work on areas to alleviate pain and tension in problematic areas.

Let’s work together and ease your pain.

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