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Your first visit includes the physical exam consultation and therapy.

  • 30 min
  • 40 US dollars
  • Florida National Drive

Service Description

On your first visit we review your past physical conditions and past physical traumas to better understand what state of health you are currently in. If at any time it is suspected that you have a condition that requires more aggressive medical care I will help you find the appropriate medical provider or institution that will be of a help for you. Once comfortable with gathering as much information as is reasonable I will then perform a physical exam: Checking for any abnormal curvature of the spine, looking for any obvious deficiency in nerve response and current ability to move, turning your neck or lower back from left to right and forward and back. I then feel up and down the back to identify any areas of swelling and stiffness and tenderness. It will be clear to you where you have areas of damage to both you and myself. What is nice for you the patient, is observing over time the areas of your back that improve in its ability to move and the decrease in tenderness to touch and pressure. X-rays are great to see the extent of disk damage and joint damage = degenerative joint disease = arthritis of the back. The ability to see the degree of disk damage helps both doctor and patient to better understand what is realistic in your ability to feel better and move better. We all desire to get to 100%, feeling as we had in our youth, free to move and move without pain. More often than not we will never return to 100% so gathering information helps us all to better understand why we may have limitations and be ok with it, better understand it. We can then work on improving what degree of life and function we do have and work at restoring what level of true function we have and then do the necessary self work to keep what we have worked hard on restoring and then live a life that is more full and freer of restriction and disability. This is what is key, work on improving what you can and then work on keeping what you have gained and live your life to your best ability with a healthy expectation. Just a thought; wouldn't it be great to be able to retire slow down and be able to enjoy relaxing taking a walk or travel and be able to participate and enjoy the last quarter of our lives. What we do today the work we put in today will allow us to have more ease and ability to freely enjoy our latter part of your life.

Contact Details

  • 4414 Florida National Drive, Lakeland, FL, USA

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