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Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage



 I, Dr. Dean have used a mixture of Muscle Work/Medical Massage on 90% of every office visit that is made in addition to the adjustments that I make.

Over the years I have come to the understanding of the importance of pinpoint, very specific muscle work to get the best outcome for the patient. Chiropractic adjustments are very helpful but it is much better if I take the time to work on the damaged tissue - muscles, tendons - connective tissue that are structures of a joint and are damaged and need attention. The bones in all peoples backs are held in place by ligaments and when the bones are moved it is the muscles that do the moving.

Sooo if you have deep joint pain or nerves that are impinged by your bones then you will certainly have damage in the form of spasm or fixation in the muscular tissue that also needs help or work. 

 As a result of working on the musculature and stretching the muscles and tendons and ligaments. I have been able to get patients/people back on there feet and with less pain in a short amount of time.

I have come to see how helpful and valuable specific medical massage is when a chiropractic adjustment is not needed.

There is also a time and place for different types of self care. Sometimes we just need a skilled medical/clinical massage, focusing on relieving specific conditions or illnesses by using massage as treatment. We don't always need to have our backs cracked conversely we don't always need our back muscles rubbed like a spa experience. I have expanded beyond what you might typically find with a massage at a spa, by evaluating you to determine what your specific problem areas are and what is causing your pain and how you can best avoid it in the future. Our Medical Massage approach is similar to deep pressure point work, that treats muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves through applying deep pressure to specific areas while also manipulating the patient’s movement. This method helps to break up the scar tissue that often forms around overused muscles, loosens scar tissue in our tendons, freeing irritated nerves, and provides you with relief from pain and increased your spine or joint range of motion.


Therapeutic massage seems to be very similar to medical massage minus consulting with a chiropractor or physical therapist, it looks to me.

A therapeutic massage provider uses mobilization of soft tissue (such as muscle, fascia, and body fluids) to restore normal systemic and bio-mechanical/functional use.  Light to firm touch is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, neurological functioning and impart a sense of calm. Therapeutic massage can be used as a collaborative, supportive addition to conventional medical treatment of illness and injury, alleviating pain and stress, aiding soft tissue healing, and revitalizing the body.


Trigger Point Therapy is a specific treatment used to treat hyper-sensitive myofascial adhesions and muscular tension, in which most cases can radiate or "trigger" pain elsewhere. During a trigger point session the Chiropractor locates and assesses the irritated area and will have the technician use specific holds at various pressures to alleviate the pain and tension associated.



Geriatric Therapy is treatment that is provided to the elderly as  supplemental and palliative care. During a Geriatric Therapy session the Therapist carefully analyzes the clients' health history and current condition to determine any contraindications there may be, and will have the technician work on areas to alleviate pain and tension in problematic areas.

Let’s work together and ease your pain.

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